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A Year in Haiku

Twelve Authors

Category: haiku

ISBN: 978-1-911052-01-2
Dimensions: 185 × 120 mm
Extent: 224 pp.
Publication date: January 2016


‘As fine a hai of ku as I have ever encountered’ – Les Murray


Off the Beaten Track presents twelve months of haiku by twelve writers, with original artwork by twelve artists. Some of the writers are haiku specialists, while others are new to the form, but each brings a distinctive voice to this unique collaborative project. Their locations range across four continents, and their haiku encompass graveyards and graupel, dandruff and dahlias, topiary elephants and wheezing cicadas.

The twelve artists bring a similarly diverse set of approaches. The result is a book like no other, celebrating equally the quotidian and the transcendent, as each writer takes the reader off the beaten track into new ways of seeing.


The writers

Christopher Herold • Fabian Ironside • Hamish Ironside • Éireann Lorsung • Bob Lucky • Momus • Matthew Paul • Sally Read • George Swede • Michael Dylan Welch • Matthew Welton • Hugo Williams •

The artists

Dan Bramall • Angharad Burnard • Eleanor Crow • Julian Hanshaw • Kevin Huizenga • Krystine Kryttre • Mungo McCosh • David Noon • Woodrow Phoenix • James Sturm • Nathan Tolzmann • Annabel Wright

It’s over on the left,

making a noise like the sea.

Oh, it is the sea!


Hugo Williams


the surgeon’s wink

just before

I’m under


Hamish Ironside


without my glasses

I recognise my son

by his stride


Matthew Paul


spring sun—

my shaver changes pitch

as I plug it in


Michael Dylan Welch

slow breeze

deep cloud

electric mower in the rain


Matthew Welton


bee sting

my thoughts return

to the present


Christopher Herold


Now she sleeps—a cartwheel

of starlings sucked back

into the arms of a tree.


Sally Read


under the fridge

glass shards, tangled dust—

our archived lives


George Swede

false banana plant

in the beer garden a man

claims to know me


Bob Lucky


Aunt Molly can’t remember

The start of sentences

Dad can’t finish.




A finger puppet

Of the current president

On the bookshop floor.


Fabian Ironside


Nameless flower

by the road—

memory’s color


Éireann Lorsung

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