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Boatwhistle was established in London in 2015, with the aim of publishing singular books for singular readers. We uphold impeccable production and editorial standards and make our books available to customers worldwide at scandalously generous prices. We are not exactly non-profit, but we are so unlikely to ever make a profit that we might as well be. In other words, we are in it for the sheer love of it.


We publish seldom. We are very fussy. We have a very demanding day job, working our fingers to the bone just to stay alive. What I'm trying to say is . . . the chances of our publishing an unsolicited manuscript submission are very slim indeed. Nonetheless, we still harbour a naive hope of discovering a modern-day Emily Brontë. And we have experienced the bitter taste of rejection. Many times. So we will at least take a respectful look at anything that is sent to us, and will give you a personal response in a timely manner. Please get in touch via the contact page of this website. 


Our books are available direct from this website. Postage is free within the UK. International postage is £3.00 for the first book and £0.50 for each additional book. Prices like these can’t be beat. Our trade sales in the UK and Europe are handled by Inpress. For all enquiries about media possibilities, review copies, bulk purchases or even purely whimsical matters, please use the contact page of this website in the first instance.

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